Smart Printers

Smart Printers

JCR Manager

Management and communication software between the user and the 3D Printer, with an intuitive and intelligent use of the functions to print with reliability and previous optimization of parameters.

Most important functions

Automatic Check

It automatically verifies and repairs the STL file and provides a detailed report of it. If it has mistakes, (holes in the design, inverted normals, etc.) it recomposes it and makes it suitable for printing.

This software is integrated in the printer and is valid for files of less than 100 MB. For higher files, the function is included in the JCR Edit software (included as standard in all the JCR 3D models).


It verifies that the configuration of the G-Code file and the 3D printer are compatible, checking parameters (layer thickness, printing speed, printing nozzle, etc). In case of error, it does not allow to start printing and indicates the steps to correct it.

Time lapse

It allows the download and management of the time lapse (a fast camera video of the print) for supervision and analysis.


Software licenses included as standard in all the JCR 3D models.

In addition to the JCR Manager management software, out printers include two programs to manage, edit and repair G-Code files if necessary.

JCR Edit

Software to check, repair, export and modify 3D models.

The main functions that it incorporates are:


  • Import and export to more than 12 different formats, such as stl, obj, ply, iges and wrl.
  • Model Fix: options for manual repairment of the models (check and repair surfaces, normals, gaps, check thicknesses, etc).
  • Print preparation: with Split-Connect options to split objects with different cuts to fit the pieces.


In addition, JCR EDIT allows you to:


  • Dimension: tools to measure distances, thicknesses, angles, etc.
  • Transform: scale objects, move, rotate, …
  • Create Geometry: create basic objects such as surfaces, cubes, spheres, cones and toroids.
  • Modify Surfaces: operations related to surfaces such as verify, triangular (convert triangles to imported objects as surfaces), modify normal,…
  • Modify Faceted: basic boolean operations such as joining objects.

Simplify 3D®

Slicer or laminated 3D software that converts an .stl file to G-Code interpretable by the printer with the desired configuration.


Reliability for industrial uses of printers with 2 years warranty


Updatable, open to materials uses and prepared for the management of your Print Factory